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Loving my WW… I try to wear them as much as I can… here are a selection of pics from my recent vacation. Had so much fun… can’t wait to come back and get some more weasels!!

xoxo Jasmine

Jasmine демонстрирует

  • Nymph_related
    928 modal cotton nymph top
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  • Shanti_related
    541 shanti pants
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  • 312-ss_related
    312 spring stripe tri top
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  • 312-451-ss_related
    451 micro / 312 tri top spring stripe bikini
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  • 449-zodiac-312_related
    449 hipster / 312 tri top zodiac bikini
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  • Denim-bond_related
    496 bond / 312 tri top stretch denim bikini
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  • 933-singlet_related
    933 ww singlet
  • 449-shiny_related
    449 hipster shiny lycra bikini bottom