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Hello wicked weasels,

Here is the 36 years old mum from Germany again! First of all thanks for all the nice emails to our first contribution! Now this is the second time and as we live on the other side of the globe, here is winter! I got so many new weasels for Christmas and because summer is still so far away, we decided to follow the german saying “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes”. Last week we had -20 degrees Centigrade but yesterday the temperature rose to “just” -5 degrees. As you see in the pictures wicked weasels are just perfekt for winter gardening … But honestly, we can’t wait to see the sun again and looking forward to our summer vacation!
Greetings from Germany

Nicole and Markus

Nicole is wearing

  • 936-54_related
    936 crop stretch-t
  • 526_related
    526 denim lycra naughty shorts
  • 492-00_related
    492 matt lycra bikini bottom
  • 540-57_related
    540 poly cotton knit beach pants
  • 312-25_related
    312 snakeskin mesh tri top
  • 457-14-312_related
    457 microminimus / 312 tri top satin sheer bikini
  • 516-lighthouse_related
    516 organic cotton lighthouse shorts
  • 312-86_related
    312 denim lycra tri top