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318 lemonade top

318 lemonade top

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Special Care Instructions For This Unique "Foil Fabric"

Please help this special bikini (and you!) to stand out by taking care of it. Foil fabrics can potentially fade or rub off over time if they come into contact with rough surfaces like sitting on pool edges.

* Gentle cold water hand rinse after swimming in salt or chlorine.
* Not recommended for washing with chemicals.

But let’s face it, this Bikini is for the lady who takes a leisurely swim then demurely steps out of the pool or ocean before relaxing on a soft beach lounger - all the while being the center of attention!


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fizz, medium

fizz, medium

fizz, medium

fizz, medium



Laminated high quality lycra with shimmer effect. The colour in the fabric may vary.

80% Polyester 20% Elastane