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470 / 350 top zig zag bikini

350 zig zag top

470 zig zag bikini bottom

Info_20view size guide

The 350 Zig Zag top is fitted with a non-adjustable clip at the back.

under bust
inches cm
small 22 56
medium 24 61
large 26 66
x-large 28 71

Garment can be stretched up to 30%


hover for larger view

Y11-03 red


Img_8987_g1_pic Img_9331_g1_pic Img_9318_g1_pic Img_9316_g1_pic Img_9309_g1_pic Img_9307_g1_pic Img_9304_g1_pic Img_9295_g1_pic Img_9343_g1_pic Img_9338_g1_pic Img_8970_g1_pic Img_8940_g1_pic Img_8915_g1_pic Img_8916_g1_pic Img_8980_g1_pic Img_9007_g1_pic Img_9334_g1_pic Img_9347_g1_pic Img_9350_g1_pic Img_9355_g1_pic Img_8897_g1_pic Img_8994_g1_pic Img_8857_g1_pic Img_8860_g1_pic Img_8848_g1_pic Img_8892_g1_pic Img_8872_g1_pic Img_8875_g1_pic Img_8865_g1_pic

red, medium

blue, large

red, medium

red, small

red, small

blue, small

blue, small