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Caribbean Queen

Hello to all the Wicked Weasel fans out there. I just received the new Pink Bo Peep and the Red wet-look for Casey. So I asked if she would mind trying them on and getting a few pictures in them to send along. So we headed out this past weekend to a few places out in the countryside. Not only is the weather Hot here (109 degrees F) but I do think Casey is just as Hot in her Wicked Weasels. So, I give to you Hot Wicked Weasel bikinis on a Hot lady, on a very Hot day.We are planning a float trip in a few weeks before the summer weather goes away so I am getting ready to pack a few WW’s for the cool river water and maybe a few pictures also. I would like to thank all the WW staff and designers for your time and dedication in making these wonderful pieces. I look forward to the newest styles and colors.

So long for now,
Tony & Casey