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Privacy Statement


Wicked Weasel is committed to the protection of any personal information provided by you to Wicked Weasel. Wicked Weasel has developed this privacy statement (‘Privacy Policy’) in line with the ‘National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information’ developed by the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner.

The Privacy Policy applies to the collection, storage, use and dissemination by Wicked Weasel of your personal information (‘Personal Information’).

Access to the Works contained in the Site is conditional upon your approval of the Privacy Policy which forms part of the Terms of use (see Clause 2.1).

The Privacy Policy contains the following key elements:

  • Collection of Personal Information;
  • Storage and Security of Personal Information;
  • Use and Disclosure of Personal Information;
  • Access to Personal Information;
  • Children’s Privacy;
  • Disclaimer; and
  • Contact Wicked Weasel.
  • If you use the Site, you consent to the collection and use of Personal Information in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

We may amend the Privacy Policy from time to time wherever required. Please review the Privacy Policy regularly when using the Site to ensure that you are aware of any amendments. Your continued use of the Site is confirmation of your acceptance of any amendments. Any amendments made to the Privacy Policy may not always be retrospectively applied to the date of collection of Personal Information or affect our continued use of Personal Information.

Collection of personal information

Personal Information is collected to assist Wicked Weasel with continually improving the Material where possible and so as to enhance your use of the Site.

Some of the Personal Information collected will not personally identify you, but instead evaluate your use of the Site by utilising “Cookies”. Cookies are commonly used by web sites and are a feature placed in your web browser to recognise and identify the computer used to access a web site. The Cookie does not contain any information that personally identifies you and we do not use Cookies in order to obtain such information. It is possible for you to configure your browser to reject the receipt of Cookies if you wish however the shopping section of the Site will not function.

Wicked Weasel will collect information that does personally identify you where required (this may include your name, email address, gender, hobbies, interests and age). Wicked Weasel collects this information to carry out the functions offered on the different areas of the Site that you choose to access.

Storage and security of personal information

Wicked Weasel will use its reasonable endeavours to maintain the security of Personal Information. Wicked Weasel requires staff and service providers to respect the confidentiality of Personal Information. However, due to the nature of the Internet, Wicked Weasel cannot guarantee that Personal Information will always be secure, either during its transmission to Wicked Weasel or from unauthorised access during storage.

To assist Wicked Weasel with protecting all Personal Information, we request that you contact Wicked Weasel immediately if you become aware, or have reason to believe of, any unauthorised use of Personal Information.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Wicked Weasel will not provide Personal Information to any third party unless you have provided your express permission for Wicked Weasel to do so.

Wicked Weasel will not disclose information that personally identifies you to advertisers. Wicked Weasel may, in some circumstances, disclose aggregate information to advertisers that does not personally identify you, but allows advertisers to evaluate the number of users that have seen or linked to their advertisements on the Site. This provision of information to advertisers assists Wicked Weasel with both improving the Site and ensuring that it remains free.

Access to personal information

Wicked Weasel will use its reasonable endeavours to keep Personal Information current and accurate. Wicked Weasel encourages you to correct any Personal Information that is inaccurate. You may contact Wicked Weasel to examine, amend or delete Personal Information. Wicked Weasel will use reasonable endeavours to provide, amend or delete Personal Information within fourteen (14) days of receipt of your enquiry. If applicable, any legal requirement on Wicked Weasel to maintain certain records will prevail over any of your requests.

Children’s privacy

Wicked Weasel requests that all legal guardians of a Child or Children, consent to their Child’s or Children’s use of the Site and explain the Privacy Policy to them.


Wicked Weasel will only collect, use or disclose Personal Information in compliance with the Privacy Policy. However, any requirement by law or to protect the rights or property of Wicked Weasel or any third party, or to avoid injury to any person will supercede the terms of the Privacy Policy, if applicable.

Contact Wicked Weasel

If you have any queries regarding the Privacy Policy or would like to examine, amend or delete any of the Personal Information, please contact Wicked Weasel by email.